Connecting with Self, A Stranger-turned- Friend, and one really interesting ‘Trotro’ ride.

It certainly feels like several millenia since I was last seen in these parts. Not a fact I’m proud of, though. What I am proud of, however, is what I was up to when I wasn’t here sharing my thoughts and the little lessons I picked up from life. I was busy employing my hands in other creative ventures.

I have always believed I can do anything I set my mind to. Armed with this powerful belief, my love for DIYs, and guidance from (see her Statement Patchwork Clutch), I set out to make myself my very own clutch bag. This was a few weeks before Christmas, and I had a few people I wanted to give stuff to. Being the kind of person that loves to make and not just buy gifts for people, I decided to make them the same gifts as well. So I cut out pieces for four bags, knowing even before I had begun, that the bags were going to turn out good (the confidence of the  clutch bag novice). And I made  them, with practical knowledge and encouragement freely offered by my mom, advice and interest from Signficant Other to egg me on, and suggestions from one of my oldest friends. I had to go on a quest for materials I had never before purchased, and I clearly displayed my ignorance of the business while at it but I was not bothered, because I’ve never been one to hide my ignorance. I believe asking questions will get me answers, and I never hesitate to do so when I have no idea about something.  Besides, this same ignorance and obvious naiveté made me some new friends. Anyways, after a great deal of trial and error, and endless hours of sewing by hand (since the sewing machine refused to function) I ended up with this lovely bag:

    2013-01-21 08.00.57

2013-01-21 08.00.40

I altered Pippa’s work a little, though to make a smaller bag that was not as soft and easily bendable. I am enamored of it, as is everyone who has set eyes on it. I have had some of my friends, guys included, request that I make some for them. Of course, I’ll have to think up my own patterns because this is quite ‘girly’. This is my eye candy of a clutch bag. Whaddya think?

As if the excitement of the season was not enough, my android decided to hurl itself out of my hands and onto the ground and… you can imagine what happened.


At the exact moment I was broke too! Why do you always seem to need even more money when you go broke? I was heartbroken, especially since that phone had been a birthday present. After making some enquiries, I found someone who could get me a screen (that was the major problem), but our phone relationship got hitchy and we had to part ways.Fortunately, a friend of mine had a cousin who knew a repairer who could get just about anything. So we got in touch,  said cousin and I, and the phone was repaired. The cousin (who I later got to know had been my mate in Primary School) called back to find out if it had been repaired to my satisfaction, and CAME BACK to take it to the repairer when I expressed certain concerns (really sweet, right?). I was very touched.

And that’s how I made a new friend.

One other good aspect of this new year is that I went back to work. And I did not know this, but a very wonderful welcome awaited me on the way.  I was extremely excited, it being my first day and all, and altogether eager to get to work and discover what the day held for me. Two stops  away from the Office, and a minute away from the next bus stop, the *’Trotro’ driver decided to drive on the side of the road instead of the correct lane because there was a lot of traffic and somebody wanted to alight at the next stop.It did not make any sense to just sit there in the traffic and keep the passenger waiting when the bus stop was a minute away. But his plan was to be foiled. For a few seconds afterwards, we came up against a driver who had made himself custodian of the law. Angered by the fact that other impatient drivers were driving on the wrong side of the road, he parked in front of us and plain refused to budge.No amount of insults could get him to drive off. To erase any doubts in our minds as to why he was doing this, he got out of his car and explained to us he wouldn’t allow us to pass because that was not the right side of the road. Other passengers got angry because they were running late for work. Me? I was sitting smugly by the driver in  the front and smiling from ear to ear; I had forgotten just how interesting a ride in a public means of transportation could get.


Other incidents have occurred since then, but I will not deign to compare them to that one incident. I look forward to many more interesting occurrences in this new year that has already begun on a good note. Hopefully, I’ll have many more interesting things to share with you. Oh, and I do not wish it, but should your phone misbehave all you need do is contact me.I know just the right person to help you fix it.



* Trotro: a bus;  means of public transportation.


2 thoughts on “Connecting with Self, A Stranger-turned- Friend, and one really interesting ‘Trotro’ ride.

    • :),Thanks for leaving a comment, Osemhen. I usually like to make gifts myself for friends and loved ones. I really enjoy DIYs. It was tiring (think backaches from sitting up and sewing by hand) and time consuming, but the smiles on their faces made it worth all d body pains. If you want to try your hands at making gifts but don’t have enough time I’d suggest you start months earlier. That way you can squeeze in little hours at a time and still manage to meet your deadline. 🙂

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