Vox Populi Vox Dei… (Est-ce l’Etat Vraiment Dieu?)

What if those things we considered ‘strange’ were actually normal, and the ‘normal’ were in effect ‘weird’?
We all like to describe things in ways that make us comfortable, as if  WE were actually the standard. But how long have we been in existence, really? And what makes us think our point of view is the right one? Or the acceptable one? The fact so many people do a thing does not make it right, or the African and Jewish holocausts, and similar injustices would be considered right today.
What makes a ‘mentally challenged’ person ‘challenged’ to us? The fact they don’t act like us, and sometimes seem more comfortable in rags, and enjoying their life of supposed illusions? I read it written by a psychologist that he would not attempt to heal some of his patients even if he could; they are happier in their seemingly ‘shackled’ worlds than most of us ever would be in our ‘free’ ones. In it they live out dreams and fantasies they never would be able to live in this world. Ever seen one of them stop in midstride and smile for ‘no reason’? That’s an imaginary dream seen to fruition, an imaginary joy shared with an invisible audience.
The way I see it, we are the mentally challenged ones,having been led to believe we must possess the latest technology, acquire the newest gadget to fit in. And so we strive, and we strive. And when we are exhausted to breaking point we wipe the sweat off our brows and strive some more, motivating ourselves with our ‘to-have’ lists,emptying our accounts and ‘susu-boxes’, taking loans, and borrowing from friends and foes alike, all so we can have the next coveted possession,that one thing we saw over at our neighbor’s, or that the T.V advert convinced us we absolutely need. And the pathetic part is we actually feel a deep sense of personal fulfillment when we acquire these.

We search for an inner peace, not quite knowing how to get it. We keep doing the same things and expecting different results. And so our lives have been reduced merely to acquiring possessions. And we believe we are happy.But we are not aware that we have only just  struck at the heel of happiness.

With the acquisition of wordly stuff comes the alienation of our fellow men. The more you get,the more you associate with a certain kind of people. And the more you shun another kind. And so we put up previously inexistent barriers,and revel in glory behind them.
I will give you instances of real madness:
I read there are certain castes in India considered lower than others. And should their bodies mistakenly touch that of those considered ‘higher’ and purer they are purportedly executed. This is real madness.
Hotels and restaurants throwing away leftover food like there are no hungry,homeless people or even animals left in the world.
Certain designer companies allegedly burning what’s left of their produce so they can’t be sold at cheaper prices…sheer madness.
And there are numerous others…

I wonder what the Creator’s take is on all this. In striving to acquire, we have lost our humanity, and if u ask me there’s no greater sign of madness, no human more mentally challenged than the one who lost his ‘human-ness’, the very thing that allows us to be compassionate, that makes us human. So instead of working together we work against each other. And we seem perfectly okay with it.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to maintain a certain standard, or in trying to acquire possessions with your hard-earned wealth, don’t get me wrong. But that should not be the end in itself. We must work and not make acquisition our master,and strive without setting ‘possessions’ as our aim. Let’s remember the words of Jesus: where your treasure is there will your heart be also. If you are unsure the kind of person you are take a good look at the things you pour your heart into. And bear in mind a thing may not always be what it is universally acclaimed to be. Just because a majority of the people say a thing is does not mean it is. Sometimes one must learn to go against the flow of popular opinion and stand out,even if it means being ‘the only one’ in that category.Very soon others will follow suit.

The voice of the people is NOT ALWAYS the voice of God.


8 thoughts on “Vox Populi Vox Dei… (Est-ce l’Etat Vraiment Dieu?)

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