Why I Can Eat My Cake And Have it, Too.

Last night, a very much loved one presented me with huge slices of cake.Having already treated myself to an ‘all you can eat’ Saturday at home, and being full to bursting, I acknowledged to myself there was no way I could consume those slices without sinning against God and my fellow men. Not being one to give out gifts thoughtfully presented to me by loved ones, I concocted the brilliant plan to keep it and enjoy it later.

At the exact point following my having found a solution as to the handling and storage of the cake, my brains went into overdrive, and I wondered for how long a cake could keep without being refrigerated before it went bad. Which thought led me to formulate my very own, now famous quote (at least where I’m concerned) :’a cake uneaten will in good time go bad.’ It occurred then, to my extremely intelligent brain that cakes are meant to be eaten :), and a cake therefore has no other option than to allow itself to be eaten. In fact, it would be in the cake’s best interest to surrender itself up to man (or mostly woman) for that purpose. A cake must go any length to ensure it is eaten, or it will die a horrible, rotten, cake death. For a cake exists only to provide satisfaction to man. Surrender or Die: The fate of the cake.

Seriously though, I wondered how it’d feel to be a cake and to know the only place I was gonna end up was someone’s stomach, (and later elsewhere). But as I pondered this thought it hit me, that we all are just like cakes. We are here, on God’s green earth, to help out other Humans. You may think what you will, but you’re on earth for a purpose, and you need other humans to help you fulfill that purpose… And to me, every little help you receive along the way amounts to the provision of satisfaction for you.

You cannot live in isolation. It is said that even to sit in a chair you need to have some trust, albeit a little, in the one who made it, that the product is sturdy enough to hold you and you aren’t going to fall and hurt yourself. People need people. We can’t live without one another.

And everything we do, every little act of ours, is supposed to bring someone somewhere a little satisfaction, make their lives a little easier. Imagine how sweet and comfortable life would be if we all focused on doing this.

Help a fellow human out or die a little everyday: the story of man. The growth of a life unshared is stunted.You may not realize it, but everyday you live an ENTIRELY selfish life, you die a little inside. Because you were made to be of help to someone, just as someone was made to do same for you. Nobody can achieve anything alone. Everyone has to be helped by another. Just as the hands of a baby are held as it takes its first steps so are our hands held by our fellow men as we take the little steps that become giant strides and make us successful people. Students need teachers, athletes need coaches and trainers, the list and cycle goes on.


IN OUR OWN LITTLE WAY, EACH OF US IS A CAKE. OR AS A CAKE. However you want to see it. And you can eat your cake and still have it, by giving of yourself, your time and your resources, and becoming a better person. Nobody ever lost the valuable parts of themselves by serving selflessly. What you become when you serve is a much better, well- rounded, stronger human. What think ye of these thoughts?


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