This is a post I wrote on my cousin’s prompting, back when I hadn’t yet started blogging.Having problems completing my current articles, so I have decided to reblog this while I struggle to complete my numerous unfinished articles. For your reading pleasure. Enjoy.


Today’s post is by a cousin/friend of mine, the Pastor of my facebook church. You can call her Berry.

The story is told of an Arab and his camel crossing the desert. Night came,and the temperature being cold,the Arab put up his tent,tied the camel to it, and sat down in it. After a little while,the temperature became colder. The camel gently thrust his nose under the flap and looked in. “Master”, he said,
“let me put my nose in your tent, It’s cold and stormy out here”. By all means, the Arab agreed, “you’re welcome. But you may put only your nose in,because the tent is small and there is no room for two.” And having said that, the Arab turned over and went to sleep.
The camel’s nose became warm and after a while the temperature went down even more. Hearing noises, the Arab awoke to discover the…

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