On Breakups and Football.

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I refuse to take responsibility for whatever I will be saying in this post. I know, I know, totally irresponsible of me, but I really could care less right now how that seems. In fact, if you attempt to ask me about any of these things later on, I will right out deny them. I’m serious. Don’t joke with me. TRUTH: I really hadn’t meant to blog about what I’m going to blog about. I’d wanted to speak a bit on SECOND CHANCES, but then I began typing and it seemed more appropriate to blog about this because it was a more logical continuation of how this blog began.


So, a while back,I came up with an acronym. The bestest, meanest way to break up with someone. Not that I was thinking of doing that to anyone, mind you. My mind just went on a little journey and came back to me with this ‘brilliant idea’. Now, please don’t try this at home. BOWY. Send your previously loved one a text with these four letters, preferably in CAPS, and end with a smiling emoticon for good effect.They are likely to text back, asking what it means. And that’s when you must gleefully reply and let them know it means ‘Better Off Without You.’ 🙂 You must be fully prepared for the text asking you to explain yourself. You see, that should be the moment you’ve been waiting for. Because it WILL BE the defining moment of your relationship. Of course, before you send this text you should be sure of your feelings. That you wouldn’t be hurt if they send a text back saying ‘Thanks for making this easier, dear. Had wanted to text you the same thing. It has all been fun,but I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways.’ Yea,what did you expect? That you can hurt people’s feelings just like that and walk away the villain hero? Surely, you do not think it wise that you end years (or months) of closeness, friendship, love and whatever it is you shared with a text message? Highly inappropriate. I know, some of us suck at goodbyes, but sometimes we have to suck in the sucking we suck and act like we don’t suck at it. (hope I made sense). Why am I even  writing about breaking up? I’m beginning to feel bored with the issue.I’m sure you are too. I must move on…to another issue.



I am now absolutely convinced of this fact.How do I know this? (# looking very haughty, with my nose in the air) God is my very personal friend. Why, you didn’t know this? I’m an authority on His likes and dislikes.During the recent past English Premier League that Chelsea won (their first in quite a while, I gather, from the way fans were all over the place), I observed just how football-crazy some people can be. It’s no wonder they are rightly called fanatics. The craze and frenzy in my country (which happens to be far away, on another continent altogether, from where the matches were played) got me thinking. Chelsea’s win was all over facebook. People put up prayers and stuff, thanking God for the trophy. Me, I wasn’t so concerned because I thought ‘if there’s any money to be had from this it surely ain’t getting to me’, so why should I fuss over the match? Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about people getting paid for working jobs they like, I just don’t see why I should be making the fuss while they make the money. Of course, if the matches are between countries, not football clubs (like the World Cup, for example), you’ll find me cheering on my country. Biased? I don’t really care. I do love watching pure talent on display, though, and this brings me back to how I know God is a football fan. Because He gives out these talents. I know what you’re thinking, some of these footballers are aided by spiritual means namely ‘juju’, ‘agbala’, ‘voodoo’,and ‘referees’ (I just had to include them,although you may not think them ‘spiritual’ per se. I think them spiritual because they serve as unseen forces aiding players (or rather) clubs win.I have no proof of this, and I will vehemently deny ever posting this if you ask me about it, so don’t even try. What is the proof I am the one blogging here at this very moment in time?) But all these spiritual means would not work if there were no talent at all.There has to be something of value present that you can add to. And that’s what the devil works with.he does not create anything original. The copycat.


Back to God. These players may be aided, but the truth is God gave them the talent, first and foremost.And if there’s one thing I’m pretty sure of about God, it’s that He’s confident of all he does. And He makes sure to let us know of this. You want proof? Okay. ‘And God saw that it was good’. If you have never heard this line and you’re a Christian, then you probably never went to Sunday School or read the Creation Story. When God made the earth and the things thereof, He made it a point to look around after each day of creation and see that it was good. Just so those of us who came later on would know for a fact HE made those things, and that He was damn proud of, and pleased with them,too. God gave all men He created talents, to aid them in fulfilling the unique purpose for which He created them.And guess what He did after that he had bestowed the talents upon them? God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was good.

Now, one thing you probably haven’t thought about God.I’ll let you in on it.Being His very personal friend, I’m privy to this knowledge. HE absolutely LOOOOVES watching His creation. Imagine for a second how you glory in the little things you achieve. You know you’re in God’s image, right? Okay, now imagine how God feels. You feel but a tiny bit of that when you take pride (the good kind) in something you’ve achieved. So, I thought of the fact that God was even more excited in the football match than we were because He got to watch all the talent He’d given on display. I wonder how he felt.I was not around Him when it happened, (I passed by my workplace that night), but I’m sure all the host of Heaven paused for a while to witness the penalty kicks.I hope the match made Him smile, though. TRUTH: I was moved to think of how God viewed the match when I read all the thank you prayers on Facebook and got to asking myself which side God had really supported, and if those who lost had not prayed enough. I guess He was happy just watching them employ their talents.He only gave the win and the trophy to the club that most needed the money and a boost to their self-esteem :). Enough on football.

I’m sure you were hoping to read something on another topic but the truth is I forgot what I next wanted to speak on when I began going on about football. Try to forgive me. I will go search for my thinking cap (which I’m sure is somewhere under my bed) and see if I can remember anything else worth sharing. This post was not about humor, wisdom, football, trophies, talent, breakups, or anything else. I’d like to think it was, but the truth is, this post was neither Here nor There. And here’s proof!



7 thoughts on “On Breakups and Football.

  1. I love this..thanks for reminding me of the fact that God watches over me daily, longing to see what i do with the talents He has invested in me. God bless you

    • Pleasure’s all mine :). A lovely morning to you too. I’m somewhat honored you equate this post to a cup of coffee, capable of reviving your sleepy brain. :). I take the issue of talents very serious. I’m glad you like it.Thanks for reading.

  2. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read, Anna on OneAnna65. I already passed by your blog and read some of your posts and I’m truly inspired. I’m making myself a frequent visitor, definitely.

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