Wanted: Trailblazers and Beacons of Hope

‘In this life we cannot do great things.We can only do small things with great love.’ – Mother Teresa


You know what I see when I look at
you? ONE HUGE BALL! No, I’m not insulting you.I’m simply being truthful. I see a huge ball – of potential. I read somewhere that even good old Albert Einstein employed just about 5% of his brain power.That means the rest of us employ what 1%? 0.5%? There’s no telling. You’re one HUGE ball of potential.And all because you have a brain.
Nothing about the human poulace fascinates me as does the brain. For instance,I find it interesting that despite the numerous things stored within it,you’d see not a thing if you cracked a person’s head open.The only way to know what I know is for me to tell you.
So today I came to tell you,that with the huge potential you carry around on your shoulders and inside you,you can change the world. Now,take note,that the world does not always have to loom large before your eyes as every single inhabitant of planet earth. The world, for you, will be everyone within your sphere of reach. And you can be a trailblazer,a beacon of hope, to these people in your own little way.You really don’t have to create a new earth to feel like a hero.You only have to show more love,smile at a stranger,lend someone a helping hand,and,in this world where people take pride in,and gain riches out of trampling upon others,be the one to pull up the downtrodden,help them back onto their feet.
One of my favorite books,Youth Power,is by a Ghanaian Doctor,Yaw Perbi.In Youth Power,Dr Perbi attempts to bring to the knowledge of the youth just how much wealth and potential (defined as ‘having possibility,capability or power’) is stored inside of them.He encourages everyone to discover their purpose in life and then strive to achieve it.That’s the way to live a really fulfilled life.
There’s a unique problem each of us was created to solve,no matter your status or class in life. God does not create junk,and He created EVERYONE for a purpose.I seriously can’t imagine God setting to work to create something that will have no use.It’s just not like Him.And I’m convinced, the shortest route to happiness and fulfillment is to find that which you were put here to do and ‘just do it’, like Nike advises.
Dr. Yaw Perbi says the best way to know what you were made for is by asking He who made you.Pretty logical if you ask me.Only the manufacturer can best tell you what his creation is for.It will thus be in your best interest to get closer to God.
Dr. Perbi talks about four types of people: Mentors (those who inspire us and who we learn from), Mates (our contemporaries),Messers (those who have a bad influence on us and kill our dreams when we share with them),and then Minnows (those we were created to help). And the thought of minnows is what captivates me the most.That I was created to be of help to someone gives me great honor.For,what better way can a life be used except in service of others? So this is how I rationalise the whole thing: I learn and draw inspiration from my mentors,get companionship and encouragement from my mates,avoid my messers,and render my services to my minnows.But of course,before I make any of these moves,I should have consulted my Creator (God) to know what He made me for.Because I’d be very hurt if at the end of my life He tells me I was all action and no productivity,having lived without doing any of the things He created me to do.I do not wish to live and die and leave the people and things I was brought here to help and do,unaided and undone. So I live each day with a kind of sensitivity,studying the things I’m adept at and striving to do it as best I can.Who knows who I’ll end up helping.There’s a Methodist hymn that goes
‘Trim your feeble lamp,my brother
Some poor sailor tempest-tossed
Trying now to reach the harbour
In the darkness may be lost.
Let the lower lights be burning,
Send a gleam across the waves
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman
You may rescue, you may save.’
You NEVER know whose life will be turned around because you decided to use your talents.
You never know who’s on the verge of desperation and needs the story of your life and how you transcended your hardships to be an Inspiration to them.And you have no clue the things that could get done simply because you decided to ACT. You just never know.
So get up each morning determined to be the best you can.Do what you genuinely love(and which brings harm to no human).Discover yourself, push yourself.Employ your full potential.Look out for avenues to employ your abilities as best you can.It does not have to be globally acknowledged for it to be authentic.Perhaps you were created to be a local hero. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr :If you are called to be a streetsweeper,sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted,or Beethoven composed music,or Shakespeare wrote poetry.Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say,’Here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well’.
Perhaps it’s not an act,a discovery or an invention of yours, but your humility that will transform another.I’ve learnt that even the worst of things are allowed to happen to us for a purpose.Everything has it’s lesson,it’s use.
So be yourself.Be true to yourself.Don’t live as  anybody’s imitation.You know what imitations always have been:fake.You’re the best ‘you’ ever.Find yourself.Live as you were made.Then go out there and encourage others to do same.Become the beacon.Blaze the trail.
Imagine the smile that will break out on God’s face as He watches you being yourself and helping others.And imagine what a beautiful earth ours would be if everyone lived in a full awareness of how much they’re worth and what they’re capable of,and then strove to give off their best.
In her article ‘Time to Unlock Your Potential’ on smallbusinessbranding.com, Vera Rapson ends by saying ‘Life’s too short not to go for the Gold.’ I couldn’t agree with her more.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Trailblazers and Beacons of Hope

    • Thank you too,Omwa, for as usual having taken the time to read and comment.It’s deeply appreciated, and I know that as I strive to change my world,you’ll be changing yours as well.In fact,I’ve seen proof enough of that on your blog.keep it up.

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