On the Journey of Life is the Highway of Love


Life is a journey.As is marriage.And schooling.And every other thing when you put your mind to it and determine to equate it to one.But i sense myself journeying down the road of digression:).
Let me speak of what got me thinking of journeys in the first place:LOVE.I fell in it.Hard.Truly.Honestly.Head Over Heels (head in the ditch,feet up in the air with no way to help myself out).The I-get-a- headache-on-the-spot-and- feel-a-slight-dizziness-on-sight-of-you kind.The love that finally puts meaning into the love songs you sing and makes you feel they were written with you in mind.THAT kind of love.
I remember thinking ‘I don’t want this to end.Ever.I want it to go on.Infinitely.'(which is basically saying the same thing in different ways.Love does that to you). From that point on one of the most beautiful sights to me became that of an elderly couple together.That sight elicits three
responses from me.
1.It warms my heart
2.It makes me smile
3.It makes me think of my significant other.
I told my significant other (I love the sound of that) that sight makes me think of us,makes me envisage our future.I think of where they began and how far they’ve come,of all they encountered and the compromises they had to make to enable them come this far.Invariably,thinking of their journey makes me think of the one I’m on,too.
I usually say (and maybe I haven’t told my complementary other,but this is not a bad time to get wind of it) that our journey together is one I wouldn’t trade for ANY other. It has taught me SO MUCH about myself,life,love.I realise I had NO idea what love was all along. From the errors I make, I learn gradually how to REALLY love, another human being (and he’s been very understanding,or he’s tried to be).
On every journey you need someone,a companion,to lighten the heavy,dull moments,to help you see the bright side of things when you can’t,to help you side step puddles so you don’t muddy yourself, to laugh with you and cry with you.To act silly with you and sometimes even to argue with you(I do love a senseless argument).And i’m blessed to have had just that companion.He’s made this journey all the more interesting,and like I said, I do not wish it to end.
It will not be all rosy,I’m aware.Sometimes it will be rocky.I will fall some,hurt and be hurt,laugh some and learn some.But I will also learn to forgive and move on to better things and better times.
I’m far from perfect,i know,but i hope to get there.If the world were to remember only one thing about me when I’m gone i’d like it to be that I left an ASTOUNDING legacy when I journeyed down the road
of love.


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