Goodness! WordPress Admin Got It All Wrong!


WordPress! I think it highly unfair that you call me vain and then order me not to reply.’’.
Being relatively new to wordpress and having had a hard time deciding what my very first blog should be about,I was all over the place, reading and rereading to ensure it all turned out perfect (although I knew no one was likely to read it). So I was curious when I noticed I had 1like on my new post. Being so certain no one knew of my blog except myself and wordpress admin,I was sure I had accidentally liked my own status in the process of making a fuss over it coming out perfect. To dispell my doubts,I pressed the ‘like’ button and noted with relief that I had the option to’unlike’.That told me I was not the first to have liked my status.
So,I embarked on a little detective mission to see who it was that liked my post.After lengthy investigations (I use the word to sound like a pro because, of course,everyone knows I din really have to look hard to find my answer),I read ‘Moment Matters liked your post’.Let me thank you here and now,Mr. Moment Matters (yes,i went through your blog because I wanted to know your gender so I could appropriately address you). Your liking my post was a huge enouragement to me.It was nice of you to stop by my current desert of a blog and leave some black soil of encouragement.Thank you very much.
But,back to WordPress admin.I will not be so easily swayed from defending myself.I received a mail notification after my little detective work and opened it only to read ‘You liked your own post on Life, In Reverse.You’re so vain.You probably think I’m Finally Here! 🙂 is about you.! I will ignore your order not to reply and inform you that You Got It All Wrong. I did not,on purpose, like my post (although there is nothing wrong with that).
But there were also many things you got right:
1.The part about vanity (aren’t we all sometimes? 🙂 )
2. I don’t think, I KNOW I’m finally here is all about me.(although I stated  somewhere in the paragraphs I was welcoming my readers, the post was my way of letting you know what you’ll be putting up with if you encounter me on wordpress.And wordpress,you’d have known too if you’d READ my title. You incurred my babbling rage all on yourself.)
But I want to thank you also.Because your quick mail caused me to do a little introspection.And it helped me give new meaning to I’m Finally Here! :).
I’m finally here fully,as opposed to being here bodily but having my mind elsewhere.I’m slowly finding myself and my footing (didn’t even know I was lost before I wrote this statement). Having finally discovered I’m an entity and I occupy space on earth, I have accepted to LIVE. Not just exist.I’m gna have one blast of a ride,enjoying every moment God gives me.
Wordpress,you got it wrong.But you got it right also.I’m Finally Here! 🙂 IS about me.I’m finally on earth,and I’m fully prepared to make an impact. I have landed (from wherever).
Here’s to you wordpress. You helped me digress and gave me an idea for a second blog. And, thank You, Mr. Moment Matters.My attempts to discover who liked my first post eventually led me to write my second.
Dun blame me for ranting,everybody.I told you I love to
analyse things and make sense out of the occurrences of life.And at least give me some credit for having tried to prepare you,adequately,for my babbling in my first post.


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