I’m Finally Here! :)

I can’t believe it’s taken me almost four months to get started,when I was SO certain I had a lot to share with the world. And now that I’m finally here I feel it will be inappropriate to just begin without welcoming you,my imaginary guests,(because I know for a fact the only real human reading this is none other but myself) to my blog.    This is a little blog warming party of sorts.Which is why I think it would be impolite to proceed with my incessant blabber without having first offered you a seat and a glass of water (believe me,YOUR knees would go weak from standing,and YOUR throat parched purely from listening to me.Because I don’t usually talk,I rant.) But hopefully you will occasionally discover a little sense in what I say,IF you remain attentive.It feels good (for now,mind you) to know no one will be reading this,because then I can do what I do best (carry on a monologue with my sweet self), and not have to worry if anyone else is getting confused just by listening to me {Yes! I do have that effect on people when I attempt to impart my wisdom:) }.But eventually I expect all the great contemporary
thinkers to get on board and help me make sense of issues as they arise.
So,welcome to my life and to my world.I hope that I can make you laugh a lot, cry a little, think deeply ,encourage you to love wholly, live fully, learn with all your heart, and leave a legacy, not neccesarily for the whole world,but for those closest to you who spend a greater part of their waking hours near you to be positively affected. Enjoy your rocking chair on my humble blog.


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